Online poker legal free games and freerolls — poker tournaments

Online poker is probably the best internet card game, but many users do not play it for real money because they are afraid to risk or think that poker rooms and/or casinos might be cheating players. Meanwhile, there is a bunch of ways to get to know this intellectual game without risking anything.

Online poker games for free and for money

Any Internet user can play poker games online and here are several legal ways to choose from:

  1. Online poker with an initial capital (money paid for a test);
  2. Video poker slots for free in the internet casinos;
  3. Freerolls — tournaments;
  4. Poker apps for mobile devices.

As for the 1st option, one can play poker online free games at PokerStrategy, a kind of an internet poker school. It gives players over 18 a starting capital of $ 50 for poker at one of the popular poker rooms. Naturally, no one is able to get this money without any effort. The gamer will have to study a basic course on the game strategy and take a test (online questions).

At first glance, it seems that this is difficult to do, but in fact, everything is simple. The test questions are completely identical to the basic course. The main thing is to learn the content of the lessons and have on hand reference materials. After passing the test, the person can start playing poker without money, and the knowledge gained from the training course will help him increase his starting capital and earn.

Video poker (slots with variants of Omaha, Hold’em, Stud) can be chosen by registered casino players. Nothing can be earned there in a Demo mode, but this experience can be considered a kind of a poker school as well.

Poker apps (mostly social games) can be downloaded for free and played for no-money chips at any time.

Freerolls — free poker tournaments

One can also play online poker without money in freerolls — free tournaments. Many poker rooms run them regularly. To take part in some freerolls, the player must meet certain conditions or get a ticket, but registration is needed.

Freerolls provide various opportunities for a beginner. First, by playing them, a newbie can practice the knowledge gained from the theory of strategy, try bluffing techniques, and learn to qualify opponents by playing style and level of professionalism. Secondly, in freerolls, one can win various prizes, including real money and tickets to cash tournaments.

Free tournaments let people play poker without money but still win them. Freerolls usually involve thousands of players, which is why they are highly competitive. To start playing there, a person just needs to choose a poker room, register, and install a program or mobile client for playing the game. Besides, some poker rooms give new players tickets to cash tournaments and special freerolls for newbies instead of a no deposit bonus.

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