Free poker chips for Texas Hold’em and other poker mobile games

Today, poker can be played not only for real money. The gamer can get free poker chips for the game. They will substitute cash, although they will never bring a real-money win. This practice is known for Facebook subscribers — the platform has many social casinos and poker clubs for FB users.

Free poker chips for online players

So, the question is: “How to get free poker chips?”. It interests all, who never tried social poker or did not know that this game can be played on a mobile device, and the player can use chips, which will be provided for him regularly. The scheme of getting this “play money” is similar to all poker games:

  • Register at an online casino (or sign-in via FB account);
  • Get a certain number of free poker chips to start the game;
  • Use a chance to buy these chips for cash if they are finished or wait until the new “portion” of chips will be provided;
  • The longer the person plays, the higher his level is, the more chips he is given for free.

Some online casinos also offer their card players poker free chips no deposit bonuses — these offers are supposed to inspire people to play poker games.

Poker with free chips for iPhones and Android devices

At the moment, all mobile poker rooms offer an Android version. Also, if there are multiplatform versions, then the Android clients are usually the most advanced. Three main types of mobile games with free poker chips are available now: HTML, Flash versions such as browser games and installed app variants.

As for iOS devices, the number of poker applications and other game variants is limited a bit. First, unlike Android, iPhone / iPad downloads are available through the official AppStore and iTunes only. Secondly, some manufacturers of mobile versions of software originally made it from their browser flash versions based on Adobe Flash. Android supports these technologies, but Apple basically refused to support them, so poker networks have to create software for iPhones from scratch. There is, however, another option for creating mobile poker for iOS — browser HTML versions. These can be found in most poker rooms. At the moment, the HTML5 versions offer decent functionality and good looks, so one can feel free to use them.

However, some games like Texas Hold’em, where free poker chips are used as play money can be installed at iPhone and Android. These are:

  • Live Hold’em;
  • BrainPoker;
  • Poker Swap;
  • Red Poker Club with 5000 free poker chips daily, etc.

Any of these games as well as dozens of others can be installed on the mobile device for free. Even if a person dislikes something in the game (finds too many real-money offers or a bunch of ads), he can delete the application at any moment. The time he would spend playing this card game (even if a gamer did not find it exciting), could be the best free poker school for him.

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